A1343: High Precision, Highly Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor IC with EEPROM, Output Protocols SENT and PWM, and Advanced Output Linearization


The A1343 device is a high precision, programmable Hall-effect linear sensor integrated circuit (IC) with a configurable pulse width modulated (PWM) or single edge nibble transmission (SENT) output, for both automotive and nonautomotive applications. The signal path of the A1343 provides flexibility through external programming that allows the generation of an accurate, and customized output voltage from an input magnetic signal. The A1343 provides 12 bits of output resolution, and supports a maximum bandwidth of 3 kHz. The BiCMOS, monolithic integrated circuit incorporates a Hall sensor element, precision temperature-compensating circuitry to reduce the intrinsic sensitivity and offset drift of the Hall element, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, proprietary dynamic offset cancellation circuits, and advanced output linearization circuitry.

With on-board EEPROM and advanced signal processing functions, the A1343 provides an unmatched level of customer reprogrammable options for characteristics such as gain and offset, bandwidth, output clamps, and magnetic range selection. In addition, the device supports separate hot and cold, 1st and 2nd order temperature compensation.

A key feature of the A1343 is its ability to produce a highly linear device output for nonlinear input magnetic fields. To achieve this, the device divides the output into 32 equal segments and applies a unique linearization coefficient factor to each segment. Linearization coefficients are stored in a look-up table in EEPROM.

The A1343 is available in a lead (Pb) free 8-pin TSSOP package (LE suffix), with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.

Top Features

  • Advanced 32-segment output linearization functionality enables high output accuracy and linearity in the presence of non-linear input magnetic fields
  • Selectable digital SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output
  • SENT output supports two modes: SAEJ2716 JAN2010 and Allegro Proprietary with Enhanced Programmable Features
  • Customer programmable magnetic range selection and offset, sensitivity, bandwidth, output clamps, 1st and 2nd order temperature compensation
  • Simultaneous programming of all parameters for accurate and efficient system optimization
  • Initial sensitivity temperature coefficient and magnetic offset drift preset at Allegro, for maximum device accuracy without requiring customer temperature testing
  • Temperature-stable, mechanical stress immune, and extremely low noise device output via proprietary four-phase chopper stabilization and differential circuit design techniques
  • Wide ambient temperature range: –40°C to 150°C
  • Operates with 4.5 to 5.5 V supply voltage
  • Allegro Sensor Bias LDO

Part Number Specifications and Availability

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
Part Composition /
RoHS Data
Comments Samples Check Stock
A1343LLETR-T 8-lead TSSOP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
A1343LLETR-U-T 8-lead TSSOP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
ASEK-1343-SUBKIT-T DEMO BOARD -40°C to 150°C No -- Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
ASEK-1343-T-KIT DEMO BOARD -40°C to 150°C No -- Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock

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