A1391x Frequently Asked Questions

The device will function properly but may also deviate from datasheet limits.
Basic device functionality will be held in tact but datasheet specifications per the datasheet will may be compromised.
There will not be any issues and the device will function as it would if only the sleep pin was being toggled.
Sensitivity ratiometry only works up to Vref equal to Vcc, thus sensitivity would no longer be ratiometic to Vref.
Sensitivity is directly proportional to Vref and is independent of Vcc variations.
The Hall plate bias goes into a non-linear state, which results in an invalid output.
Yes, please see the datasheet for maximum loading.
The output capacitance of the A139x in sleep mode is nominally 60 pF. The total capacitance on the output of a 139x should not exceed 10 nF. Thus if the customer were to use an R-C filter or a sufficiently large capacitor on the output of each device, this could decrease the number of units. If the customer does use a capacitor on the output of each device in the circuit, the number of units that may be multiplexed is approximately 165 devices.