A1696: Crankshaft Position Sensor IC with Speed and Direction Output

A31316 3D MAG hall-effect magnetic camshaft position sensor packaging image


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The A1696 is a Hall-effect sensor IC with integrated EMC protection components specifically designed for Crankshaft applications.

It offers true zero-speed digital crankshaft sensing with speed and direction information conveyed by a variable pulse-width output protocol. The open-drain output provides a voltage such that the time between falling electrical edges (period) corresponds to the speed, and the timebetween a falling edge and corresponding rising edge (pulse width) indicates direction.

The device can be optimized via programmable EEPROM options for crankshaft sensing applications and can be used to sense either a ring magnet or combined with a proper back biased magnet and ferrous targets.Three Hall plates are used to create three differential channels that are used with advanced direction detection algorithms, to produce a highly accurate output across the full range of air gap and operating temperatures. The combination of high accuracy with direction information provides absolute position on most crank targets in cases of engine backlash, making it ideal for stop/start engine designs.

  • Allegro UC and KH package with integrated EMC components reduces need for external EMI protection
  • Digital output with speed and direction information provides target/ring magnet position information
  • Enhanced algorithms provide low jitter and high output accuracy performance
  • Highly repeatable across operating temperature range
  • EEPROM programming for performance optimization and production traceability

Typical Applications

  • Crankshaft
Hall-Effect Sensor Integrated Circuit Package Image KH UC

3-Pin SIP KH Package, 3-Pin UC Package

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