AHV85111: Self-Powered Single-Channel Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver with Regulated Bipolar Output Drive

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Typical Applications


The AHV85111 isolated gate driver is optimized for driving GaN FETs in multiple applications. An isolated dual positive/ negative output bias supply is integrated into the driver device, eliminating external gate drive auxiliary bias supply or high-side bootstrap. The bipolar output rails with adjustable and regulated positive rail improves dv/dt immunity, greatly simplifies the system design, and reduces EMI through reduced total common mode (CM) capacitance. It also allows the driving of a floating switch in any location in a switching power topology.
  • Power-Thru integrated isolated bias
    • No high-side bootstrap or external secondary-side bias
  • Bipolar drive output, with adjustable regulated positive rail
  • Regulated 3.3 V low power bias output
  • 50 ns propagation delay, with excellent device-to-device
    matching of 5 ns
  • Separate drive output pins: pull-up (2.8 Ω) and pull-down (1.0 Ω)
  • AC-DC and DC-DC converters – totem-pole PFC, Half-/Full-Bridge, LLC, SR Drive, multi-level converters, phase-shifted full-bridge, etc.
  • Automotive – OBC, Traction Drive
  • Industrial – Transportation, Robotics
  • Grid Infrastructure – Micro-Inverters, solar
Isolated ganfet Gate Driver - NH Packaging Image 10 mm × 7.66 mm × 2.53 mm
12-pin low-profile surface mount

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