NOTE: The AHV85000 and AHV85040 must be purchased as a dual chipset.

GaN FET Isolated Gate Driver Dual Chipset

AHV85000, AHV85040

DFN -10 Package

The AHV85000 and AHV85040 is a dual chipset that offers a flexible isolated gate drive for GaN FETs with the benefits of Power-Thru technology. This simplifies system design, reduces EMI, and supports driving a floating switch in various power applications.


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Typical Applications


The AHV85000 and AHV85040 is a dual chipset that offers a cost optimized solution for isolated gate drive for GaN FETs. When combined with one of the recommended external transformers, it provides a self-powered isolated gate drive solution that is ideal for GaN FETs in multiple applications and topologies. A selection of recommended third-party transformers are available, each optimized for different drive voltage and gate charge characteristics, including E-mode GaN (6 V drive) and Cascode-GaN (12 V drive).

The chipset transmits both PWM signal and gate bias power through the external transformer, eliminating the need for any external gate drive auxiliary bias supply or high-side bootstrap. This greatly simplifies the system design and reduces EMI through reduced total common-mode (CM) capacitance. It also allows the driving of a floating switch in any location in a switching power topology.

  • Dual chipset transmits both PWM signal & bias power through a single external isolation transformer
    • No high-side bootstrap  
    • No external secondary-side bias supply
  • 50 ns propagation delay (with recommended transformers)
  • Separate drive output pins: pull-up (2.8 Ω) and pull-down (1.0 Ω)
  • Supply voltage 7 V < VDRV < 13.2 V
  • Undervoltage lockout on primary VDRV and secondary VSEC
  • Enable pin with fast response
  • Continuous ON capability—no need to recycle IN or recharge bootstrap capacitor
  • CMTI > 100 V/ns dv/dt immunity (with recommended transformers)
  • Creepage distance > 4 or 8 mm (with recommended transformers)
  • AC-DC and DC-DC converters: Totem-pole PFC, LLC half-/full-bridge, SR drive, Multi-level converters, Phase-shifted full-bridge, High-side disconnect
  • Three-phase: Vienna rectifier, T-type inverter
  • Industrial: Transportation, Robotics
  • Grid Infrastructure: Micro-inverters, Solar

The dual chipset is available in a pair of 3x3 mm DFN10 surfacemount 3x3 mm EJ packages, allowing for minimal PCB footprint.

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