Micro Inverters

Lean on Allegro's reputation for reliability to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and dust, prolonging the lifetime of your rooftop microinverter. Our small, and integrated solutions improve power density, while reducing design complexity.

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Microinverter Application Diagram
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    PV Input Current Sensors

    CT110 – High Linearity/High Resolution Contact Current Sensor
    ACS711 – 0A-31A Hall Current & Fault Sensor

    ACS37002 – High Isolation & Accuracy 400kHz Current Sensor
    CT432 – High Bandwidth and Accuracy Current Sensor
    CT433 – High Bandwidth and Accuracy Current Sensor
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    System Power Conversion

    ARG81801 – Wide Input Voltage, 2.4 MHz, 3.0 A Asynchronous Buck Regulator

    APM81911 – 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated Capacitors and Inductor

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    AC Output Current Sensors

    ACS37002 – 0-80A Current + Fault Sensor

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    DC/DC Half Bridge Drivers

    A89500 –100V Fast Switching Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

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    Fully Integrated Isolated Gate Drivers

    AHV85110 – Isolated GaN FET Driver with Integrated Isolated Bias Supply

    AHV85111 – Isolated GaNFET Driver with Regulated Bipolar Output Drive


Featured Products

LC-EX Package Combo Image for ACS711, a Hall-Effect Linear Current Sensor


Hall-Effect Linear Current Sensor with Overcurrent Fault Output for <100 V Isolation Applications

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ARG81801 Product Image


Wide Input Voltage, 2.4 MHz, 3.0A Asynchronous Buck Regulator

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10-contact DFN  EJ Package


100V Fast Switching Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

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Allegro's MA-LA-MC Packages


400 kHz, High Accuracy Current Sensor with Pin-Selectable Gains

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