ARG81402: Multi-Output Regulator with Buck Pre-Regulator, 5× LDO Outputs, Watchdog, and SPI


The ARG81402 is designed to provide power to loads such as microprocessors, sensors, and communication transceivers, and is ideal for both Automotive and Industrial applications. 
The device is in a small footprint 5x5mm package, and offers a high level of integration, including:

  • Synchronous buck 5.35V pre-regulator
  • Five LDO outputs
  • Configurable Watchdog: pulse period, window and Q&A watchdog timer
  • Dedicated pins for a power-on reset output (NPOR), a self-generated Safe State output, and a fault flag output to alert the microprocessor that a fault has occurred.
  • The ARG81402 is supplied in a low-profile 32-lead, 5 mm × 5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch QFN package (suffix “ET”) with exposed thermal pad and wettable flank to allow solder joint inspection.



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    ARG81402 was developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 as a hardware safety element out of context with ASIL D capability (pending assessment) for use in automotive safety-related systems when integrated and used in the manner prescribed in the applicable safety manual and datasheet.

    Top Features

    • Control and diagnostic reporting through a serial peripheral interface (SPI) 
    • Wide input voltage range (6 to 36 VIN operating range, 40 VIN maximum)
    • 2.2 MHz Synchronous buck 5.35V pre-regulator (VREG) for integration and efficiency
    • Five internal linear regulators with foldback short-circuit protection 
      • 3.3V and 4x 5V outputs (one with short- to-battery protection for remote sensors)
    • OV and UV protection for all output rails provide the ability to monitor health of outputs
    • Pin-to-pin and pin-to-ground tolerant at every pin
    • Three configurable watchdogs with fail-safe features: pulse period, window, Q&A watchdog
    • Power-on reset signal (NPOR) indicating a fault on the 3.3V output, the optional 1.3V input monitor (for self-powered core voltage) and a watchdog failure 
    • Safety signal (POE) can disable a separate function (e.g., Motor Driver) due to a Watchdog Failure

    Part Number Specifications and Availability

    Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
    Part Composition /
    RoHS Data
    Comments Samples Check Stock
    APEK81402KET-01-MH DEMO BOARD -20°C to 85°C No -- Contact your
    local sales rep
    Distributor Stock
    ARG81402KETATR 32-lead QFN -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
    local sales rep
    Distributor Stock

    Allegro’s products are not to be used in any devices or systems, including but not limited to life support devices or systems, in which a failure of Allegro’s product can reasonably be expected to cause bodily harm.


    32-Pin QFN (suffix ET)