ATS19510LSN: Two-Wire, Differential, Vibration-Resistant Sensor IC with Speed and Direction Output


The ATS19510LSN integrates an advanced Hall-effect circuit IC, EMC protection components, and a rare-earth pellet combination in a single overmolded package. The optimized, user-friendly solution provides direction detection and true zerospeed digital gear-tooth sensing for challenging environments, such as automotive and industrial transmissions and a wide variety of gear-tooth-sensing applications.

The IC’s patented advanced algorithms provide EMI compliance to the harshest automotive requirements, capability to withstand full range sudden and dynamic air gap shifts, and vibration suppression.

The speed and direction of the target are communicated through a variable pulse-width output protocol. The ATS19510 is particularly adept at handling vibration without sacrificing maximum air gap capability or creating any erroneous “direction” pulses. The advanced vibration detection algorithm will systematically calibrate the sensor IC on the initial teeth of true target rotation and not on vibration, ensuring an accurate running mode signal. Advanced packaging combined with innovative algorithms make the ATS19510 an ideal solution for a wide range of speed and direction-sensing needs.

This device is available in a lead (Pb) free 3-pin SIP package with tin-plated leadframe.

Top Features

  • EMC compliance using integrated protection components and advanced IC design methodology
    • Immunity to harsh automotive transients such as switching inductive loads
  • Advanced algorithm options capable of withstanding full range sudden and dynamic air gap shifts
  • Two-wire, pulse-width output protocol
  • Highly configurable output protocol options
  • Speed and direction information of target
  • Vibration tolerance
    • Small signal lockout for small amplitude vibration
    • Proprietary vibration detection algorithms for large amplitude vibration
  • Air-gap-independent switchpoints
  • Undervoltage lockout
  • True zero-speed operation
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Single chip sensing IC for high reliability
  • Robust test-coverage capability with Scan Path and IDDQ measurement
  • Integrated back-biasing magnet


ATS19510 Packages