Conventional Powertrain


The conventional powertrain is composed of an internal combustion engine paired with the transmission. This system has made tremendous advances in the last decade with respect to efficiency improvements and the advancement and adoption of technologies such as dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) engine configurations, variable valve timing (VVT) engines, stop/start engines, high gear ratio automatic transmissions, continually-variable transmissions (CVT), and double-clutch transmissions (DCT).

The automotive industry’s continual push for fuel-consumption and carbon dioxide emissions reductions has presented a number of technical challenges for the sensing systems required to support these platforms. Allegro’s sensor ICs have led the way in the market for these technologies:

  • DOHC, VVT engine configurations require TPOS-cam sensor ICs capable of high accuracy immediately upon startup.
  • Stop/start engines require crankshaft sensor ICs capable of detecting direction changes to allow for absolute rotational position information of the crankshaft independent of speed or temperature changes, in addition to the need for a neutral gear detection sensor IC to enable the function in the car.
  • Transmission advancements require speed sensors for intermediate gear speed detection and speed and direction sensor ICs for transmission output sensing to enable other technologies such as hill hold.

Transmission SensorsTransmission
Allegro is a leading supplier of both brush and brushless motor drive technology which can be used in the design of electronic clutches, shifters, and gear selectors. Allegro is a leader in the field of controlling BLDC motors and has products ranging from simple direct-drive I/O up to and including fully automotive-grade sensorless BLDC control ICs.

Allegro also offers single- and multiple-output DC/DC regulators for powering Transmission Control Units (TCU). Devices are full Automotive Grade designed and qualified and offer significant fault protection for robust system solutions.                                                                                                                                       Learn more»

Engine Management System SensorsEngine Management
Allegro sensors provide solutions for the technical challenges presented by the automotive industry’s push for fuel-consumption and carbon dioxide emissions reductions by leading the industry in support for engine technologies such as Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) engine configurations, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) engines, and stop-start engines.
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Engine Cooling FansEngine Cooling Fans
Allegro’s innovative motor control solutions in brush and brushless motor controller ICs as well as power management ICs are designed to provide improved efficiency, ambient noise reductions, and smaller footprints for the demanding under-hood environment of engine cooling and battery cooling applications.
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Pump System SensorsPump Systems
Allegro has developed robust solutions for vehicle pump systems requiring conversion to BLDC motors including engine start-stop systems like hydraulic and oil pumps as well as water pumps that improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
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