Isolated, Programmable AC and DC Power Monitoring IC with I2C or SPI Interface


Power Monitoring IC Allegro-16-Pin-SOICW-MA-Package

The ACS37800 is an integrated power monitoring IC designed for both AC and DC applications, offering accurate measurement of active, reactive, and apparent power, as well as power factor. It comes in two SOICW-16 package options, the MA and MC, both featuring reinforced isolation. The MC package is targeted towards higher current applications due to its lower internal conductor resistance, which minimizes power dissipation.


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When you need to add AC power monitoring or DC power monitoring to your device, our ACS37800 power monitoring IC simplifies your task tremendously. Our integrated current sensor technology at the core of this device leverages the Hall effect and galvanic isolation to deliver reinforced isolation without extra board space. When powered from the same supply as the microcontroller unit, multiple power supplies and digital isolation ICs are not needed, which reduces the size of your printed circuit board (PCB).

Isolated current is measured by two Hall plates that differentially sense the magnetic field of the integrated conductor—eliminating the need for external sense resistors, current transformers, and Rogowski coils. This sensing scheme further reduces the size of your PCB and delivers a highly integrated power monitoring IC that eliminates errors caused by stray magnetic fields.

Multiple parameters are user programmable—including averaging and zero-crossing time or channel, and fault level—and all sensor features and key power measurements can be read out through an inter-integrated circuit (I2C) interface or a serial port interface (SPI). Two dedicated pins for voltage or current zero crossing (suitable for light-dimming applications) and fast overcurrent fault (for short-circuit detection) can also be configured to flag a Vrms under/overvoltage event. The graphical user interface (available for download in our Software Portal) facilitates device configuration.

The ACS37800 is provided in two variants of a surface-mount, widebody SOIC16, lead-free (pb-free) package. The MA features a 0.85 mΩ internal conductor resistance and the MC features a 0.265 mΩ internal conductor resistance.

The ACS37800 is fully calibrated prior to shipment from the factory. Further calibration in application can improve accuracy.

  • User-programmable VRMS under/overvoltage pin
  • Dedicated voltage or current zero-crossing pin
  • User-programmable overcurrent fault (OCF) 
  • I2C or SPI communication
  • Programmable averaging on two out of the three outputs: voltage, current or power
  • Power-Consumption Tracking in Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices (Smart Receptacle)
  • Smart Lighting
  • Server and Telecom Power
  • Portable Solar/Energy Systems Used in Disaster Recovery
  • Asymmetric AC Waveform Applications

The ACS37800 is provided in a small, low-profile, surface-mount SOIC16, (suffix MA), wide-body, lead-free (pb-free) package. 

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PWR Meter 3 Demo Board

PWR Meter 3 Click is a compact add-on board that measures voltage and current through the connected load. This board features the ACS37800, an I2C-configurable power monitoring solution, which simplifies the addition of power monitoring to many AC/DC powered systems. 

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