Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Motorcycle & Scooter

The world is demanding better air quality, fuel efficiency and vehicle safety. This means you're designing more electronic controls for engine, transmission and wheel speed in two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

Control of these systems requires robust magnetic sensors and targets that can operate reliably in harsh environments. Our magnetic speed sensors ease compliance with safety (ABS) and combustion engine efficiency mandates. Don't forget to also check out our compact motor drivers and current sensors, highly accurate linear and angle position sensors, as well as our efficient and fault-tolerant LED drivers.

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ice motorcycle application diagram
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    Fans, Fuel & Oil Pumps

    A89301 – FOC Sensorless BLDC Fan Driver
    A5947 – BLDC Driver Close
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    Fuel Level Sensor

    A1330 – CVH Angle Position Close
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    Brake Lever Position

    A1120 - Hall Switch 

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    Wheel Speed and Direction (ABS)

    ATS19580 – GMR Speed & Direction Sensor
    A19250 – GMR Speed Sensor
    ARS19200 – Hall Speed Sensor Close
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    Camshaft Position Sensor

    ATS128 – Hall Switch & Integrated Magnet
    ATS675 – Cam Sensor & Integrated Magnet Close
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    Starter Generator

    A4939 – 3 Phase Mosfet Driver Close
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    Throttle Position

    A1330 – CVH Angle Sensor
    A1338 – CVH Angle Sensor
    A1308 – Hall Linear Sensor Close
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    Throttle Control

    A4990 – Dual Full Bridge Driver
    A3981 – Programmable Stepper Driver Close
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    Headlight, Tail Light & Indicator Light

    A6270-1 – 2 Channel Linear LED Driver
    A6271-1 – Boost or Buck/Boost LED Driver
    ALT80802 – Buck or Buck/Bost LED Driver Close
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    Tilt and Bank Sensor

    A112x – Hall Switch
    A1330 – CVH Angle Sensor Close
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    Gear Shift Position Sensor

    A1330 – CVH Angle Sensor Close
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    Crankshaft Position Sensor

    ATS696 – Speed and Direction + Integrated Magnet
    A16601 – Speed Sensor Close

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